Social Media Policy

mhphotos wants to be Social.

We want to share good news and celebrate success and above all we want to show amazing images that we captured for you.

From time to time we’ll share on social media our images and/or video of events we have attended or from photoshoots. We want you to be able to share these images too, so we encourage linking and sharing of our posts. Please respect our copyright and include a link to our website – – when you use one of our posted images.

Images we share and the social media images you can buy from us may contain a small watermark of our logo. This watermark allows everyone who views the image to know where it came from and helps us protect our brand and image ownership. Please do not crop-out the watermark or use software programs to delete it.

Although we encourage the sharing of images we post online and of social media images that you may have purchased, you may not :

  • Use our images (or parts of images) for financial gain, whether by any person or by any commercial entity.
  • Enter any of our images (or parts of images) into any competition.
  • Claim ownership of any of our images. If you buy a copy of an image, you have not purchased ownership or copyright.

We can sell you a commercial licence for any image in our library. Please contact us for details.