Cookie Policy

Cookies… what they are and how we use them

Cookies are small text files that our website, and sometimes emails, place in your computer to ensure that your experience of our offerings is as effective as possible. They remember any options you have chosen. For example, they enable us to track visitor usage of our site so that we can continuously improve it. There is nothing mysterious about them and they do not collect personal data.

Like pretty much all website owners, we have always operated cookies and visitors have had the benefit of using them. EU regulations now require us to inform you of what they are and give you the option to prohibit them if you wish.

We’re using the word ‘cookies‘ here to include things like ‘web beacons’ and ‘Flash cookies’ which serve similar functions .The term ‘Your computer’ includes anything connected to the internet including laptops, office machines, tablets, mobile phones and so on.

Now, or in the future, we may use cookies in the following categories:

Necessary – without these our website will not function correctly.

Helpful – to us and to you. We monitor visitor activity on our website (without collecting any data on you) so that we can improve the site structure, page routing options and processing systems to help all visitors. These cookies can also help us to guide you to pages likely to be of most interest to you.

Personal – for your benefit. These cookies remember your password and other preferences and can allow you to link onwards to watch a video or join in an online conversation.

Third party adverts – We don’t currently use them. If we do in the future, they will not know who you are and we won’t tell them. They may be included on our site to invite you to follow an interest. There’s more details on these at for EU consumers and at for those in the USA.

On emails – We may use web beacons to check whether our emails are actually opened, and whether any links in them are clicked on. That way we learn not to send you junk. If you choose plain text to download, instead of HTML, the web beacon is eliminated. All of our emails give you a way to unsubscribe, so you do not receive further emails..

This has been a simple introduction to cookies, what they are and why we use them.

Rather than listing data on all the cookies we use, or may use in the future, you will almost certainly find it quicker and easier to set your web browser to control cookie usage on all the sites you visit. If you have a very old browser you may need to bring it up to date to use effective cookie controls.

In continuing to use our website you are agreeing to our use of cookies as outlined above.